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Hawaii Army National Guard Readiness Center




Completed While With


Kalaeloa, HI

55,350 sq. ft.


Using the native culture as the primary design inspiration, the building began to take shape through the use of geometrical forms commonly found in traditional Polynesian tattoos.  This design language was carried throughout the entire building; integrated into the exterior details, interior floor patterns, wall designs, and ceiling layouts to create a unified building. 

With the Polynesian tattoo as the main inspiration, the color black became a major design element.  It is used throughout the project as an accent color through the use of deep shadows and the interior finish materials.  Additionally, the client requested that the project use as many locally sourced materials as possible.  With this in mind the interior design and both the exterior and interior finishes were based upon what was readily available on the island. This has ultimately allowed the building to take on the qualities of its Hawaiian surroundings and reflect its traditions.

The exterior finishes were derived out of respect for the local vernacular.  Due to the climate, light colors were selected along with accents of Terracotta which is locally used in the form of clay tile roofs.  The accent of black theme was carried out through the use of lighting or lack of upon the building reliefs.

The interior finish selection began with the desire to use materials found in Hawaii.  Locally harvested Tropical Ash and Saligna Eucalyptus were used as wall and ceiling cladding throughout the public corridors and the auditorium.  Light paint colors emphasize the different wood species and tones. Patterned terrazzo floors and wall recessed stone base are used throughout the public corridors and lobby to accentuate the grandeur of the building. The auditorium design is a continuation of the lobby, utilizing the Tropical Ash as accent wall and column designs.  Carpet and acoustical wall and ceiling panels help with the acoustical properties of the room.

Administration areas and classroom designs and finishes were kept to a minimum, emphasizing the carpet patterns and ceiling layouts.  Porcelain tile floors and walls are used in all restrooms and shower locations.  To bring color and design into each restroom, a pattern of glass mosaics is used at all mirror and toilet locations.  At all shower stalls, the walls will be cladded in a solid surface material to help eliminate mold growth on grout lines.  Abuse resistant materials such as color concrete and high-impact resistant wall panels will be used in the assembly hall.  The kitchen will have quarry tile floors and with FRP cladded walls.

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