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BMC Executive Briefing Center




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BMC went through a rebirth, including new branding with the tagline “We Bring IT to Life.” The new Executive Briefing Center (EBC) had to say urban, sleek and organic. Organic was key as elements throughout the center needed to “come to life” just as their solutions give life to their customer’s IT departments.

The EBC successfully conveys BMC’s brand vision and functional goals of deploying BMC solutions. The center is: welcoming, flexible, dynamic, collaborative, inspiring, visionary, demonstrative, and engaging. Above all, the goal is to have visitors leave wanting further engagement with BMC, advancing sales goals and fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Extending a warm welcome to guests is an important element of BMC’s culture. They call it “Texas Hospitality.” An important part of hospitality is making sure guests are comfortable. We paid careful attention to factors such as: glare-free lighting, good sight lines to screens and to
other people, table heights appropriate for keyboarding, adjustable chairs with good back support, good acoustics appropriate to the space, and well-spaced HVAC vents to avoid hot and cold spots. We took advantage of the many windows to provide natural light, adding to guests’ feeling of well-being.

Upon entering, BMC patents outline the elevator lobby showcasing their innovation history. Reception “Brings IT to Life” with organic elements including: double helix DNA lighting, live edge table, sculptural brand helix for picture backdrops and a breathtaking cityscape view.

True collaboration rooms give guests an opportunity to problem-solve in a a relaxed, supportive environment that fosters creativity. Rocking chairs are available for those who enjoy that particular type of relaxation. All rooms incorporate touch technology to encourage interaction and the ability for non-linear presenting.

The dining room has long rectangular tables for communal seating, to encourage conversation, collaboration and sharing while enjoying a meal and a panoramic view of Houston.

BMC’s collection of historic Texas documents and artifacts needed to be displayed in a sleek, high-tech environment. Called the Heritage Wall, they are mounted behind openings in a the metal wall, and framed with slivers of light, linking BMC’s analog past to their digital future.

BMC Software

Houston, TX

15,000 sq. ft.

Bellwether Design, LLC

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